72.000 Din
ArtistDragan Petrović Pavle TechniqueCombined technique MotiveAnimals Dimensions100x100 cm
ArtistDejan Deki Milivojević TechniqueOil on canvas MotiveAbstraction Dimensions50x65 cm
55.000 Din
ArtistDragan Petrović Pavle TechniqueCombined technique MotiveStill life Dimensions60x80 cm
ArtistMiroslav Radović TechniqueOil on canvas MotiveLandscape Dimensions25x35 cm
30.000 Din
ArtistOlja Nikonova TechniqueOil on canvas MotiveStill life Dimensions38x46 cm
ArtistBranko Dimitrijević TechniqueOil on canvas MotiveCity motif Dimensions30x40 cm
90.000 Din
ArtistStojan Đurić TechniqueOil on canvas Motive Sea motif Dimensions60x80 cm
75.000 Din
ArtistJadran Đukić TechniqueOil on canvas MotiveLandscape Dimensions80x100 cm
110.000 Din
ArtistRisto Kiperaš TechniqueOil on canvas MotiveCity motif Dimensions45x60 cm
140.000 Din
ArtistAleksandar Cvetković TechniqueCombined technique MotiveAbstraction Dimensions60x80 cm
ArtistAleksandar Saša Obradović TechniqueOil on canvas Motive Sea motif Dimensions40x50 cm
22.000 Din 19.800 Din
ArtistDušan Rajšić TechniqueCombined technique Motive Figure Dimensions35x50 cm
85.000 Din
ArtistMomčilo Moma Fundup TechniqueOil on canvas Motive Figure Dimensions80x110 cm
ArtistMilan Miletić TechniqueOil on canvas MotiveReligious motif Dimensions50x60 cm
180.000 Din
ArtistGoran Mitrović TechniqueOil on hardboard MotiveCity motif Dimensions60x80 cm
Artistic pictures of Janos Mesaros
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