Painter Risto Kiperaš

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Painter Risto Kiperaš was born in 1957 in Herzegovina. He started painting in Dubrovnik, where he lived and worked until the nineties, then moved to Belgrade and continued his work there. It is characterized by a relief style that makes it very recognizable. The painting is exclusively oil on canvas. He had several solo and joint exhibitions in Dubrovnik, Herceg Novi, Belgrade, Banja Luka and Hamburg. He died in Belgrade in October 2014.
100.000 Din
ArtistRisto Kiperaš TechniqueOil on canvas MotiveCity motif Dimensions40x60 cm Dimensions with frame66x86 cm
230.000 Din
Gulet na pučini - Risto Kiperaš - RK-15
ArtistRisto Kiperaš TechniqueOil on canvas Motive Sea motif Dimensions84x100 cm Dimensions with frame105x121 cm

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