Painter Sandra Mitrović

The painter Sandra Mitrović was born in 1976 in Belgrade. She graduated from a high school in interior decoration and landscape architecture and studied at a design college. She entered the painting world after years of experience in interior design. Making friends with painters and out of great love for fine art, she started painting herself and, according to many art connoisseurs, very successfully. Using the technique of oil on canvas, Sandra Mitrović takes us on a journey to a different, idyllic world. Perast, the city of her childhood and upbringing, is on Sandra's canvases. In the shades of blue, in the haze, the thin line that separates the sky and the sea, her greatest inspiration, is lost. The characters are staring into the distance, into the open sea, sometimes carefree, and sometimes pensive. He looks at the landscape with a child's eyes, the sea is as smooth as oil, calm and tame, there are boats, girls and boys, sailor decor and the magical Our Lady of Škrpjela, as an unavoidable part of the landscape of Boka Kotorska. Of all the great painters, the legendary Voja Stanić sometimes shines as the greatest inspiration from her paintings.
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