Painter Dejan Slepčević

Painter Dejan Slepčević was born on January 3, 1958. in Belgrade. He graduated in painting and graphics at the Faculty of Applied Arts. He is a member of ULUS and an active exhibitor in the country and abroad. Dejan Slepčević depicts landscapes, still lifes, flowers, female figures, horses in his paintings, and he is best known for the motifs of Belgrade, where he finds an inexhaustible source of inspiration (Church of Saint Sava, Cathedral Church, Sava Pier, Republic Square, National Theater). The color is strong, and the layers of color are layered. When it comes to paintings of female figures and nudes, Slepčević is much more moderate and gentle in intensity of colors (brown and ocher of all tones). The images of horses in the race are extremely dynamic, as if they threaten to run out of the frame that "captured" their energy at any moment.

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