Painter Dušan Duško Ristić

Painter Dušan Duško Ristić is also a scenographer and costume designer (Komlošul Mare, Romania, 28. X 1913 - Belgrade, 27. VII 1995). He started high school in Timișoara, and continued in Novi Sad and Belgrade, where he then enrolled in the Art School. He studied figurative painting with Petar Dobrović. Until 1965, he was also prominently engaged in pure painting and exhibited independently and collectively (at ULUS exhibitions eight times, twice at the Rijeka Salon, at the October Salon in Belgrade, Triennial of Yugoslav Drawings, Triennial of Fine Artists, Fine Art Autumn...). In 1952, he exhibited in the Yugoslav gallery in Paris with Ljubica Sokić, then in London, and again in Paris and Barcelona.

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