Painter Momčilo Moma Fundup

Dimensions with frame
Momčilo Moma Fundup was born in 1954 in Foča (Bosnia). He graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade, and after that he perfected painting, especially pastel, in Bonn. Moma Fundup exhibited at numerous independent and collective exhibitions on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, in European metropolises, Japan and America. His thematically diverse works could be classified as neo-romantic painting, on the border between waking and dream. His landscapes, still lifes and figures are equally attractive, imaginative and mystical. The painter's muses are fairy contours of the female body and face, which express different emotions. The window motif is one of Fundup's favorite objects to paint. Consciousness and color are characteristic of him, which he uses in a characteristic way, and by which he is recognizable. Scenes of nature are his memories of his hometown, Foča, and he selflessly shares them with the city man, tired of the urban lifestyle, giving him the opportunity to relax for a moment. holidays by traveling to the world of Momcila Mome Fundup.
36.000 Din
ArtistMomčilo Moma Fundup TechniqueOil on canvas MotiveAnimals Dimensions52x70 cm Dimensions with frame70x88 cm
48.000 Din
ArtistMomčilo Moma Fundup TechniqueCombined technique MotiveReligious motif Dimensions70x100 cm Dimensions with frame88x118 cm