Painter Vasilije Vasa Dolovački

Dimensions with frame
Professor Vasilije Vasa Dolovački was born on April 22, 1960. in Bavanište, municipality of Kovin. In 1984, he graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in the class of Prof. Zoran Petrović. In 1989, he graduated from postgraduate studies at the Academy in Belgrade in the class of Prof. Mirjane Mihać. In 1992, the painter Vasilije Vasa Dolovačk became a member of ULUS. A warm and juicy palette, soft, ethereal lighting, confluence of tones, quivering shadows, pulsating pigment are the basis of Vasa's painting. From painting to painting, he continues, cultivates and organically develops the most beautiful virtues of his colorism, which makes him recognizable and unattainable in the corpus of contemporary Serbian figurative painting.
ArtistVasa Dolovački TechniqueOil on canvas Motive Figure Dimensions65x73 cm Dimensions with frame90x98 cm
55.000 Din
ArtistVasa Dolovački TechniqueCombined technique MotiveAnimals Dimensions39x50 cm Dimensions with frame66x77 cm
240.000 Din
ArtistVasa Dolovački TechniqueOil on canvas Motive Figure, Religious motif Dimensions60x80 cm Dimensions with frame80x100 cm
ArtistVasa Dolovački TechniqueCombined technique MotiveChurch motif, Religious motif Dimensions22x32 cm Dimensions with frame44x54 cm